Student Music Performances and Educational Travel Experiences 

Your Ideal Solution To Integrate As Part Of Your Teaching Curriculum So You Increase Learning, Encourage and Inspire Your Students to Reach Their Maximum Potential.

Successful teachers have one important character trait.  It’s what drives them to do more and be more.  It's what gets them to work longer and harder.  What is it?  Devotion. 

They feel inspired to wake up early, stay up late, and put in that extra time.  They are on a mission to be more and do more for their students.

Achieve success and create the experiences you and your students deserve with these educational experiences.  Click below to find out more.

Strengthen Your Music Program

High school music, marching band, concert band, choir, dance group tours and trips ideas

Your student band, orchestra, choir, drill team, dance ensemble, or any other student performing groups will have the opportunity to perform in historical locations, the best attractions or compete in front of a nationally renowned adjudicator panel during a performance tour.

For the ultimate student music performance tour, add a music related workshop where available. 

Make A Difference In Your Students

Educational student group tours and school trip ideas 

No matter what subject you teach, we'll help you provide your students with new experiences and the opportunity to discover things that are not available in your classroom.


During a field trip, your students will learn in a more hands-on, fun and interactive manner than they do in school.

What Can Student Group Travel and Educational Tours Do For You and Your Students?

inspires success

redefines what is posssible

is rewarding

Combines education and entertainment

Got a Question?  We can help.



InteractiveStudies helps school teachers and youth group leaders make a profound difference in their students and take their teaching career to the next level.  We assist by providing educational programs and events outside the classroom that breaks out of the ordinary.  This allows teachers to provide hands-on experiences that expand horizons and inspire students to reach for their personal best.  


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