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It's Not What You Know.  It's Not Who You Know.  It's What YOU DO.

Back in the good old days all you needed was a classroom to provide students with enough learning material to keep them interested and motivated.


And you were remembered for that….I mean….you were worshiped for that.


Today that’s not how it works any more.  These days there are many teaching methods.

You see…classrooms remain the key to educating students and providing learning experiences.  But...


Why hasn’t learning experiences changed to keep up with the way students learn best?

Being a music educator is not an easy job.  Music teachers are constantly being pulled in different directions.

On top of that, music teachers also have the potential to confront some significant challenges like recruiting new students, keeping the music program alive, motivating students, funding, and parent involvement. 

Many school districts consider music education optional and not a necessary course.  That is the main reason why emphasizing how important music teaching is may help policymakers, educators, and parents understand the value that music teachers offer students.  

And that`s not the worst part.  Don`t you hate it when...


  • Co-workers and parents don't see you as an authority

  • Your music class does not get the same importance as all other courses

  • Your performing group is not getting the recognition they deserve

  • Students do not seem motivated about your music class and much less about performing at another local event 

  • Recruiting new students is a real challenge


Let`s be honest. 


It`s overwhelming, frustrating and it reflects on your music teaching abilities.

Today, it's no longer what you know about teaching music or who you know that will make a difference in your music teaching career - it's what YOU do that will take you to the next level. 

So, that leads me to a question for you...

Do You Want To Just Sit Around, Make Excuses & Hope To Reach The Next Level In Your Music Teaching Career Through Pure Luck?

...or do you want to step up and make the right decision right NOW!

What if we told you there's an opportunity that could help you:


  • emphasize the importance of music education

  • get recognition for your student group

  • strengthens your music program

  • enhance your student’s skills

  • increase confidence

  • provide a positive and rewarding experience


Would you be interested?

Our FREE guide on student music performance opportunities could provide you the missing piece of the puzzle needed to finally take your career and your student performing group to the next level.

The team at Interactive Studies is devoted to helping school music teachers like you because we realize music is an important aspect in the development of every student. 

No student music performing group should have to experience lack of recognition and educational opportunities that go beyond the classroom walls. 


Whether you are a band or choir director, dance teacher, or have any other student performing group, possessing outstanding skills requires dedication and commitment.​

Our goal is simple: Help you deliver an amazing experience you can use without having to struggle each and every day trying to go beyond your comfort zone to achieve greatness and provide a better learning experience to your students.

How To Get The Music Performance Experience Designed To Give You And Your Students An Opportunity That Will Expand Horizons And Inspire Everyone To Reach For Their Personal Best.

The 4-Step Formula...

Step #1:


Step #2:


Step #3:


Step #4:


Remember, we have already done the homework and research for you.  All you need to do now is take the first step to discover your opportunity by requesting a FREE copy of our guide.

We believe that possibilities shouldn't be limited. If you’ve got the vision, we’ve got the talent to turn it into something amazing.


- Joe, founder Exceptional Teachers Network and consultant at InteractiveStudies


Last Chance - Make Your Decision & Request Your FREE Guide...


We will be applying a HARD LIMIT on the number of student music performing groups that get to participate on this opportunity during the school year because we can only handle so many of them. 


If we accept 100s of groups, it'll be too crowded and the experience won't be nearly as good.


So, what's it going to be?

Enough reading.  Decision time. 

It's a pretty easy decision.  The guide is FREE plus our staff will assist you so that you and your student group get to be part of this experience.

This could be the very best student music performance experience that completely changes your music teaching career. 


Now, you could decide to pass this opportunity and remain in the same spot you are right now.  But hey, it's up to you!  

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Here's what you will learn:

Step into a new level and discover new talents at a variety of enriching student performances  and festivals for student bands, color guard, choirs dance groups or any other student music performing group.


What activities and one of a kind learning treasures will amaze you and your students?

The two elements you need in order to have an outstanding performing group.

Experiences that will get you to breakout of the ordinary and generate more engagement even if you don't know how to get started.

Performance Opportunities that increase the learning process of your students.

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Any music teacher can achieve musical excellence by participating in this performance opportunities because they provide a level of experience not found in any classroom and serves as motivation for your students.


- Joe, founder Exceptional Teaches Network and consultant at InteractiveStudies 

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