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Key finding in music student learning experiences.

The Key Factor Research Found To Make A Positive Impact On Music Students.

Being a music teacher is no easy task.

On top of all that, motivating students to improve their performance may be a challenge.

Birmingham City University and the national music charity Youth Music recently did a four year research called "Exchanging Notes". In this research, they studied the musical interests of students and the positive impact of including music genres such as grime and hip-hop into the classroom.

The key findings?

  1. Higher levels of attendance (over 95%) throughout the project

  2. Above expected performance in Math and English during research

  3. The program helped excluded students to re-enter mainstream education

The real problem is that learning experiences have not changed to keep up with the way students learn best.

Schools can offer this new model of music classes that support the importance of keeping up with the student's interest in learning music. If students are interested in this new approach to music class, they will want to join and keep being part of the group.

The fact that many school districts consider music education optional and not a necessary course is the reason why studies like this one and emphasizing how important music teaching is may help policymakers, educators, and parents understand the value that music teachers offer students.  

So what else can music teachers to do?

Providing students with new educational experiences has helped emphasize the importance of music education, builds relationships and sets students up for success.

Music performance events provide an experience that expands horizons and inspires students to reach for their very best.

Some music teachers go outside of the structure of the music classroom where students dive deeply into what is being taught on activities such as music workshops.

Here are other ways that may help your music students:

  • Let them play the music they enjoy so they don't lose interest in your class.

  • Make practice fun by incorporating activities and challenges.

  • Celebrate all accomplishments.

  • Provide students with plenty of performance opportunities. It's natural for students to want to display their talents. This will keep them interested in your music class especially if the venue is fun. Some performance ideas could be concerts at your community park, a challenge with other schools in your area or a performance trip to a location they will enjoy.

Encourage your students from time to time. Recognize important breakthroughs so that students feel that their efforts are supported and also appreciated.

Keeping students in your music class and getting new ones can be a struggle. However, providing students with new opportunities that fuel their interest to play will ensure you provide a level of music education that will benefit students for a lifetime.

Your work is important and we're grateful for the job you do.

Good luck. Hope it helps.

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