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"Life Hacks" How to Get The Things You Want in Life and Your Teaching Career

Discover how to get your brain ready for success.

Some people will set a goal and then like magic, everything comes together to help them achieve that goal. It makes it looks like those people are lucky or they know something other people do not.

Well, it's definitively not luck although they may be doing things you have not noticed.

Opportunities are all around us. However, not all of us see those opportunities.

During your day as a teacher, you are bombarded with thoughts, emotions, and situations where your mind needs to decide what to focus on. Your job is to get your subconscious mind to concentrate only on those things that will eventually make you succeed.

But how do you do that?

First, you decide what it is you want to accomplish and then write it down. You are more likely to achieve any goal when you write it down. It can be a simple goal or one that takes a little more time.

Next, you need to clearly define why you want to achieve that specific goal. Remember that plan or idea you had that you never finished or even started? The reason could have been you did not have a big enough WHY you wanted it.

Knowing why you want to achieve your goal will make it more significant.

You must read your goal and reasons why every day. Make it a habit.

And as you do, feel positive emotions and gratitude for achieving your goals. Visualize your goals as a reality.

Do you want to make a difference in your teaching career? Imagine yourself being recognized as the best teacher in your school district.

Or maybe it's a new car you want. In your mind, feel the breeze coming in thru the window as you drive, see your friends waving goodbye as you drive by. This will produce a "feel good" hormone-like dopamine.

Your brain will realize how important your goal is and it will assist you in making it a reality.

The subconscious mind is in part responsible for directing you to the goals you want to achieve. When you know what you are feeding the subconscious you will start to notice opportunities. You will be aware and notice the things that will help you realize the goal you have focused on.


  1. Be grateful for all the good things you have. This will make you appreciate them.

  2. Visualize good things in your future. Good things always begin with a vision.

  3. Don’t make excuses for not having the things you really want. Find a way. And if it does not work try something else until you get the results you want. Remember, it’s not failure - it’s testing.

  4. Make it a must to live your dreams. You will begin to see opportunities that were in front of you all along. Your consciousness is your only limitation.

And remember...opportunity comes dressed in work cloth. Make your goals and dreams a reality.

Good luck. Hope it helps.

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