• Joe Navarro

5 Tips To Recruit New Students For Your Music Class

Studies have shown the value music class brings to students.

😥😥 However, without recruiting efforts most school music programs would not thrive.

There are countless reasons why recruiting new music students is such an important task but also a difficult one.

To help you with this process, here are 5 top strategies for promoting your music class:

  1. Before sign up day, have some of your music students volunteer to talk about being in your music group to other students.

  2. Provide non-music students with a personal reason to join your music class. Show you are a teacher like no other and that you teach a “fun subject”. Let everyone know that being part of your music class has a sense of pride and teamwork.

  3. Show and play some of the musical instruments by having soloists perform at various school events or during the lunch hour every so often. You may even perform yourself so new students get to know you better.

  4. Let prospective new students see what music students are like when they are not playing in the band. Consider doing a music performance trip and include non-music-related educational activities.

  5. Use some type of interest form where, besides their name, basic information and parent's email, new students get to pick two or three of their favorite instruments. After a presentation, have students take the form to parents as soon as possible along with a packet of information including a permission slip. Have students turn in the form to the homeroom teacher within a week from receiving it. Then follow up.

Make your students your first priority. Remember, new students want to join your music class because it looks fun. Do that and you'll be able to deliver a class of massive value.

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Good luck. Hope this helps!

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