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How To Pick Your Halftime Student Marching Band Performance Tunes

Excellent halftime performance tunes can be found in all sizes and shapes. I believe there can easily be fantastic academic possibilities with all categories. No matter what tunes you pick, be sure to have a good time with it, and have a terrific year!

Below are a couple of factors to consider for your student marching band that will certainly assist in your halftime musical choice:

Kind of Tunes

Even though numerous student marching bands get results with unique arrangements for their performance, there are lots of great factors to think about for a performance based upon a popular song. Certainly, bad and great popular songs exist (the same way there are great and bad rhythms), however, lots of well known tunes provide terrific educational possibilities for your students. The extra advantage is that your student band is going to get a much better chance to get in touch with your viewers.

How Challenging Is It For Your Student Marching Band?

As a music teacher, consider selecting tunes that are not too simple nor far too difficult. Band members will end up getting tired with tunes that are far too simple, as well as put off with tunes that are far too challenging. Selecting tunes that are correct for your band's capability level (or somewhat simpler) enables you to concentrate on enhancing the music and fine-tuning the performance.


Are simply all of the elements (never simply the tune) intriguing, rhythmic, dialectal, and composed in a pleasant range for your band members? Has the author selected a proper musical instrument or segment to perform the tune? Will the inside elements, countermelodies, as well as bass lines produce rhythmic sense?

Shape and structure

Will the performance accomplish a symmetry of repetitiousness and differentiation?

Cases of repetitiousness consist of repeating concepts or styles, or a concluding repetition of the beginning tune to connect the performance altogether.

Differentiation is attained not just from changing the rhythmic material, as well by means with textural and shifting instruments, such as solos or ensembles found in the performance, music lows and highs, and percussion as well as various other segment attributes.

Marching band members are not exposed to as much music as their music teachers might have. However, the benefit of doing simply one halftime performance a year enables for a much greater degree of accomplishment in the quality of the show.

These days, the majority of bands carry out simply one performance a year, which causes it to be even more crucial to choose a performance that really fits your band.

Good luck. Hope it helps!

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