• Joe Navarro

How Teachers Can Work Smarter and Get Better Teaching Results

Practical Tips for Improving Your Teaching Practice

There is a strange habit I’ve noticed. When we want to get more things done or get some aspect of our lives to be better, we instinctively start working harder!

We tend to think that what worked before will get us even more results today. So what do we do?

We double our efforts.

So you find yourself working harder because you feel as if there is so much more that you can do.

We all have the same number of hours in a day. At some point, we can’t do one more thing. There is no time!

I disagree with the idea of working harder especially when I’m not getting the results I want. Instead, I believe in focusing on the #1 thing that will move the needle TODAY.

And I get it!

You want to provide your students with as much knowledge and experiences as possible.

Maybe this sounds illogical especially when people are used to having to look busy every time. But this is about quality and better results.

Sometimes we focus on a task that makes no difference thinking that if we look busy we are being productive. Appearance is not important here. That’s is why we see some teachers adding more learning material to their classroom courses when maybe they should be looking for better teaching methods or resources.

Most of the times, the #1 thing comes down to:

  • How can teachers get students interested in learning about the subject they are teaching?

  • How do music teachers get new students to joining and staying in the group?

  • How can teachers add more value to their course?

Basically, it means finding out what activities could generate 80% of the results you want to achieve.

Not every teaching activity matters as much as you think. If you find students are more interested in hands-on experiences, then that’s where you need to focus the majority of your time.

So, what could the #1 thing look like for your teaching career?

  • It could be setting time to focus on activities that enhance student experiences such as assemblies or special events, special guest, and social service activities.

  • It could be looking for ways to bring new information to your practice.

  • It could be searching for out of the classroom applications and examples of how your content applies to life outside of the classroom. This will draw your students into the importance of your class.

Don’t forget that you teach students, not content. The best teaching experiences combine content with the best ways to teach that content. Good teaching is about finding new and better ways for students to learn and relate what they learn to the real world.

Good luck. Hope it helps.


Joe is the founder of Exceptional Teachers Network, a community of the best teachers together in one place, providing you with the tools to constantly stay on the edge of your game so you can make a profound difference. He is also a consultant at InteractiveStudies where he helps school teachers grow using the latest techniques, trends and programs in education.

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