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As a school teacher, there is nothing more annoying than failing to get your students interested in your teaching material after having spent numerous hours in the classroom. 


And that`s not the worst part.


Don`t you hate it when your students do not see the significance or how what you are trying to teach them relates to the real world? 


Let`s be honest. 


It`s overwhelming, frustrating and it reflects on your teaching abilities. 

When You Help Your Students Become More, You Become More

But what if instead of sitting in a classroom learning from books and audiovisuals, you and your students could be learning by means of experiential learning and educational travel programs.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if this school year the best student travel and educational tours destinations in the United States became your school classroom.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if lessons learned in your school classroom came to life during an educational tour?

Your students definitively would comprehend better what they have already studied in school plus you will be among the most outstanding teachers.


Educational Student Tours



Studies show that after 3 days about 65% of the educational material presented visually is still remember by a student versus only 10-20% of the educational material presented verbally or in text.  Educational student tours are a visual learning tool for almost every school subject.

There is more to a student group trip than you think.  Like increased comprehension and discovering new talents.

Student travel experiences that will expand your student’s horizons and inspire them.

Educational travel links the gap between where your students are now and where you’ve always dreamed they could be.

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Educational Travel Opportunities That Allow Teachers To Breakout Of The Ordinary And Generate More Student Engagement Even If They Don't Know How To Get Started.

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A variety of enriching student travel options designed to give your students experiences that will expand their horizons and inspire them to reach for their personal best.


What activities and one of a kind learning treasures will amaze your students at each destination.

How student travel benefits you as a school teacher.


Answers to some of the questions you may have.

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Any teacher can achieve excellence by participating in educational student group travel programs because it provides a level of experience not found in any classroom and serves as motivation for your students.


- Joe, founder Exceptional Teachers Network and consultant at InteractiveStudies

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That moment where you though, wow, I can't believe I achieved this.


You were able to achieve your goal because you took action, not because the stars were aligned. 


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Hard work = Results. Big dreams are great, but without action = No results.

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InteractiveStudies helps school teachers and youth group leaders make a profound difference in their students and take their teaching career to the next level.  We assist by providing educational programs and events outside the classroom that breaks out of the ordinary.  This allows teachers to provide hands-on experiences that expand horizons and inspire students to reach for their personal best.  


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